Those of you who know me well will concur when I say I don't take myself too seriously, but when I've laid out my predictions for L&D over the last two years, I don't think they've been too ridiculous.

I’ll keep this brief, largely because I don’t deem what follows as thoroughly researched and credible.

What I’ve understood so far is this....

Machines need data.  They infer through data (partly?).  But whilst a swathe of organisations may bury their heads when the Semantic Web goes mainstream, they could probably prepare themselves for the inevitable and do more now to improve and share their data internally.  I believe this is still called 'Business Intelligence'.

But imagine sharing data beyond the firewall.  

I'm not talking about releasing the PDF 'Annual Report' on your website (now with 'new improved data viz'), but about providing raw data that enables the opportunity to partner and create better services, better products, better experiences.  Yes it's risky and to your detriment perhaps, but you already release this rawness (un)willingly in your day-to-day with Google, Facebook and all the other others.

In 2010, Tim Berners-Lee proposed a system for rating datasets based on a similar five-star rating system used for hotels.  This system is a core principle for linking data, the bedrock of Web 3.0.

You can learn more about this rating system via this very short video.

Now I could say that xAPI is the on-trend L&D answer to all this, but I’m not qualified.  However, in the meantime, the ugly humbly CSV file could be the contribution that you Early Adopters and even Laggards make to the ‘Web of Data’.

So let’s call my L&D 2018 prediction, nay vision, ‘Information Architecture’.  And even though that’s the wrong term, I feel like I belong again...all clever and smug.

PS Here's what I said in 2016 and 2017.