'Wild' vlogging

A disjointed and imperfect reflection on my attendance of the Design session hosted by Facilitation Shindig.  

More details in the video.


Heading to the CIPD L&D Show 2018 at Olympia, London?  See you there!


I before A

The ugly humbly CSV file could be the contribution that Laggards make to the ‘Web of Data’.


Podcast Interview

Listen to Nick's recent interview on the 'Business Lunch Show' hosted via Radio Bicester, talking about modern learning and development.

Latest News

PT3 is thrilled to announce that Nick will be working with Aylesbury Vale District Council supporting its commercial and digital transformation.

More on the ambitious and exciting plans can be found below.

Observability (video)

Nick explores 'Diffusion of Innovations' by Professor Everett Rogers.