Learning, technology, performance.

What might learning and technology have to do with business performance?

As a business, it might be hard to see the value of your organisation's learning and development activities.  
However, there is growing evidence that organisations are recognising its contribution towards improving performance.

Don't believe us?  
Look at this recent research from one of the most respected bodies in the industry, Towards Maturity.

In a world of volatility, change and uncertainty, organisations are increasingly looking to:

• Share ideas, innovation and practice

• Enhance employee engagement

• Reduce time away from the workflow

• Deliver faster, more flexible time to competency

• Reduce and re-prioritise budgets

Are you....?

• Running the wrong courses?

• Running the right courses, but not at the point of need?

• Measuring and evaluating the wrong things?
(bums on seats don't matter anymore!)

• Unsure where to begin with your learning strategy? 

• Hesitant to implement learning technology on a small scale?


How can PT3 help?

PT3 is passionate about learning and development.  Of course we'd say that, but it's really true. 

Having worked in private and public sectors, we feel we bring a unique background and combination
of skills and experience that support today's modern learning practice. 

Here are just some of the things we'd love to help you with, but it's not an exhaustive list!

• Learning Strategy

• Blended Learning implementation

• Skills development
(video, podcasting)

We work with teams and individuals at all levels.